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Enrichment - Mad About Mechanisms

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Mad About Mechanisms is a low cost method of design and make project used to inspire students about machines. Students are taught how to use basic hand tools to shape paperclips into parts which can be assembled into a range of machines. Students record the process and upload the video to the World Wide Web to encourage other people to join in the fun.  

The unit must

  • Provide students a fun way of learning about mechanisms

  • Provide students the skills required to make a range of parts (mechanisms) which make a machine

  • Provide the tools, including formers to shape paperclips into parts which can be assembled

  • Provide the opportunity for people to work in teams so skills can be shared

This project is delivered through an enrichment programme.

Student will:

  • Learn about roles and responsabilities of people within a team

  • Learn how to effectively communicate within a team

  • Learn how to use tools and formers to shape paperclips                          

  • Learn how to join paperclips

  • Learn how to assembly parts created from paperclips into machines

Video instructions for Project
Project we have made (first machine), Project we aspire to make (second machine)

Descrition of the File

File (click on file to open)

Instruction from Teacher

Scheme of Work

Scheme of Work

This document tells you exactly what and how you will learn every lesson for 6 weeks. It is used by the teacher to plan your learning activity.

Presentation - Prezi

Prezi Presentation

Introduction to project and team selection.

Making Instructions

Instructions to Make Mechanism

A set of instruction to follow process.

Parts Template


1:1 Scale template to make parts.

Base Template to mount parts to

Base Template

This is the base template to fit to a piece of MDF for all the parts to fit to.

Student Voice Questionnaire

Student Voice Questionnaire

A questionnaire enabling students to review the unit of work.

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