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Latest Headlines: Kornel, Lucas Hoffman and Jack Daly win D&T FOBISIA Competition 1Ross Whitehouse, Will Nicol and Jack Daly competed in the FOBISIA Competition 2 finalistsJack Daly wins FOBISIA D&T Competition 2!Click on the Gallery and Achievements for more informationLuke Daly scores highest IGCSE marks for D&T in the World! Exemplar portfolios have been added to IGCSE Paper 5Like the Facebook pages at the bottom of the pageThis will give you regular updates on deadlines via FacebookUrgent contact, email Mr Daly via contact on homepageMr Daly has created a D&T Committee, are you interested?D&T Committee are currently building a 3D Printer! 

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www.dtresource.com is a website dedicated to supporting students, in all years, who study Design & Technology and want to extend their learning beyond the classroom. The site layout should help students organise and enhance their learning experience by providing learning materials like topic booklets, homeworks, practice exams, guidance sheets on the completion of coursework, coursework examples, videos, important deadlines, bloggs and by providing direct contact with their teacher via email. Learning material for Year 7, 8, 9, IGCSE and International Baccalaureate has been included on the website.

Mr Daly's Blog

The latest edition to the website is Mr Daily's Blog which is found here Link. It is an online forum to allow students to discuss curriculum content and encourage students to support each other’s learning. Often teachers will post questions via a blog, allowing all students to contribute.

The resources section is categorised by year and programme. For example, Year 7, 8, 9, IGCSE and IB. Do you want to know what topics are available for this years D&T programme? Under each year and programme, a full breakdown of the curriculum is given, this is often under the heading Introduction and will give you a full break down of the programme. Lost your homework and need to print it off? Copies of homeworks are included in each unit of work in PDF format. Need to practice an examination? There are many interactive tests under each unit of work for students to practice their knowldge and understanding. Want to watch a video related to what you are learning in class? There are sections of the website dedicated to teaching D&T content which include full explanations and videos. Need a student copy of 2D Design? Go to IGCSE, Paper 5, Project Portfolio and at the bottom of the list is the hyperlink to download 2D Design.

Need to know when your examinations are for IGCSE or IB? Forgot when an important coursework deadline is? The message board is regularly updated with important deadlines for students to ensure they meet the curriculum schedule.

Soldiworks is a CAD (Computer Aided Design) package which is used by students for 3D design. Check-out the Solidworks tutorials which you can view in either video format or download in PDF.

This section includes pictures of exemplar student work and information and reports on school trips.

Contact & FAQ
Need to contact a D&T teacher via email? Need to send them an important file? Complete the online form, correctly add your email address and the teacher will receive the message and reply.

Good luck,

Steve Daly M.Ed, B.Eng, BEd (Hons), I Eng, Cert Ed.

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