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Enrichment - Rudolf Diesel Engine

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Celebrating The Life of Rudolf Diesel
As my classmates and I made our way towards the DT lab anticipating a mind busting test on one of our DT higher level topics, we were in for a combusting surprise. WE MADE DIESEL ENGINES OUT OF PAPERCLIPS! Mr. Daly could already, before even explaining our task, sense our enthusiasm. Mr Daly introduced the theme and once the tasks were set, we cracked on and made the different parts of our engine. Every single piece was perfect. We all had a great time and worked collaboratively, it was a dream team matched in heaven. The entire lesson was non-stop fun and laughter as well as understanding a number of new concepts, including Rudolf Diesel’s legacy. The lesson was a huge success and one that I will personally never forget.

Written by Lee-Roy Steiner, Year 13 IB

Descrition of the File

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Instruction from Teacher

Engine Template

Engine Template

The template is 1:1 scale and is used to make the parts.

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