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Lego Challenge

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Global Classroom Lego Challenge Instructions & Video on Uploading Your Design


What does the future make you think about?  Your challenge is build as many things as you can that are about the future. You only have 15 minutes!

Please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Think about the future.
Step 2: Get someone to time you. You only have 15 minutes!
Step 3: Go! Use your Lego to build as many things you can that are about the future.
Step 4: Stop! After 15 minutes are over, take a photo of everything you have made.
Step 5: Using the video as a guide, login into Moodle and access Global Campus.
Step 6: Register by completing the survey
Step 6: Post your picture on the padlet and tell us about the things you have made. Don’t forget to write your name, your age, and where you go to school!
Step7: Download and print your certificate

Will you win a Master Builder Award?
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